Brigite Skiing Canada

It was a beautiful day in mid April when we caught up with Brigite on the slopes of Whistler/Blackcomb in Vancouver B.C., Canada. She had been invited to speak to a French Canadian women's conference and took the opportunity to dust off the skis.

From designer women's swimsuits to golf to skiing, Brigite does it all with a passion

We met Brigite at a restaurant at the base of the lifts. This time of year the snow at the Village is gone so you take the gondola up to the glacier for some of the best Summer skiing in North America. Seems out of place for a famous women's swimwear designer to be on the slopes instead of on the beach in one of her thong bikini creations.

A long way from the Alps to designer thong bikinis and one piece thong swimwear for Brigitewear

Since this was her first time here, Brigite carefully studies the trail map on the way up to the top.

After a 30 minute ride to the top, we pause for a beer before starting down. Didn't need the jackets today! Not warm enough for one of her bikinis however.


Brigite said that this area made her quite homesick. It was very reminiscent of the Alps, just 45 minutes from where she last lived on the French Riviera.  Twenty-five years ago Brigite was a contender for the Olympic Team.  A broken leg shattered those dreams. Now she spends most of her time golfing or designing exotic women's thong swimsuits.

Skiing was Brigite's first love, now she'd rather golf or sun on the beach in her Brigitewear women's desinger swimsuits

"I take it easy when I ski now, do it just for fun and relaxation. I love this area, it reminds me so much of  the Alps just up from Cannes, it makes me quite homesick."

Designer of women's swimwear and swimsuits used to be a champion skiier

"The skiing here is wonderful, it is hard to believe it is the end of April and the snow up here on the glacier is fresh and dry, this is truly a special area of the world"

Brigite at Whistler skiing

A call from the base. Time to come down and get ready to speak to the ladies at the convention.

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