Sheer When Wet Azur

sexy men's thong swimsuit

Brigite's sexy creation for men, the Sheer When Wet Azur Thong swimsuit, for the confident, mature man

Sheer When Wet Azur  -  sexy men's thong swimsuit by Brigitewear

Very sexy European styling designed exclusively for the adventurous, confident, mature man. The Sheer When Wet Azur men's thong swimsuit designed exclusively by Brigite for Brigitewear. This classic men's thong swimsuit is like our lined men's thong when dry, but get it wet and watch out!  This men's thong bathing suit becomes very sheer when wet and is not for the faint hearted or shy.  Whether by the pool, beach or in private, you are sure to be noticed.

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Masculine thong swimsuits for men, a must for every man wanting to be on the forefront of style and fashion and the Sheer When Wet Azur is our sexiest of all.

This suit is normal looking when dry.

Exotic, durable, sexy men's thong swimwear for the mature, confident man. As with all of our swimwear, the Sheer When Wet Azur is designed for active wear as well as high fashion.


But get it wet and watch out!

Available in White and Neon Yellow

 You'll be a standout in this exotic timeless men's thong swimsuit by Brigitewear 

Live life to the fullest, forget your hang-ups and go for the gusto with the Sheer Azur thong swimsuit for men, you only live once!


Normal when dry

A great masculine classic look. Simple, stylish, practical and made to last, the ultimate for tanning or swimming.



Wildly sheer when wet.

When wet, this thong swimwear leaves nothing to the imagination, so if you do beware!




Sheer When Wet Azur  by Brigitewear

when only the best will do.



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