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Brigitewear  ®  is proud to have been selected as the official supplier for the movie's promotional Borat Thong swimsuit as worn in  - "Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan". The film, which was released in the US nationwide by 20th Century Fox on Nov. 3, was number one in the box office for two consecutive weeks!  See why some critics are acclaiming, "this may be the funniest movie ever made"1.  See Borat in his "sexy man" suspender thong with some very sexy ladies below, and see how you can own your very own.....for the "sexy man" in you!


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Why all the fervor?

Entertainment Weekly  recently wrote; "At first glance, Borat, which opens in theaters on Nov. 3, looks like some weird foreign public-access TV show that has inexplicably found its way onto the big screen. Shot in deliberately crummy-looking video, it's a faux documentary about a TV reporter from Kazakhstan named Borat Sagdiyev, who embarks on a journey across America for the supposed edification of his audience back home. In his travels, Borat encounters a wide range of real-life Americans: Wall Street power brokers, political leaders, Pentecostal churchgoers, genteel Southern ladies, Pamela Anderson. Oblivious to American notions of decorum and political correctness, he cheerfully says appallingly inappropriate and offensive things at every turn in his unique brand of broken English, punctuating them with overeager exclamations: ''I like!'' ''Hi-five!'' ''Very nice!'' ''Sexytime!'' He mangles the national anthem at a Virginia rodeo. He releases a chicken on a crowded New York subway car. He brings a prostitute to a posh Southern society dinner. Some people are charmed by the seemingly innocent Kazakh bumpkin. Others are simply baffled. Some are outraged to the point of calling the cops. None seem to have the slightest idea that it's all a complete and total put-on: Smile, you're on Kazakh Kamera!  Pretty soon everyone was talking about Borat, from TV shows, to newspapers.

For the uninitiated, the Borat character is the creation of 34-year-old British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen, first introduced to a wide American audience in 2003 on the cult HBO comedy series Da Ali G Show. In each Ali G episode, Baron Cohen interviewed unsuspecting subjects in the guise of one of his three alter egos: Ali G, a dim-witted wannabe gangsta rapper/TV journalist; Brüno, a flamboyant Austrian fashion reporter; and the bigoted, horny, anti-Semitic, and yet strangely likable, Borat. Now, with the Borat movie, Baron Cohen has exploded the clueless-foreigner shtick into a wild, mostly improvised 89-minute road movie, creating one of the most elaborate and audacious pranks ever put on film.

In the past few months, the buzz around Borat has been steadily building. Reports from test screenings make them sound like tent revivals, with audiences convulsing with laughter, covering their eyes, and screaming out loud at the blend of merciless satire and over-the-top slapstick comedy, which includes a truly eyeball-searing scene of Borat wrestling in the nude with his obese sidekick, Azamat (character actor Ken Davitian). Following the film's debut at Cannes — which featured the spectacle of Baron Cohen, as Borat, strolling along the Croisette in a neon green thong — the fervor reached a climax at this year's Toronto film festival, where, despite a projector malfunction 12 minutes into its screening, Borat earned a rapturous reception, overshadowing more sober-minded Oscar bait"

1 The much anticipated movie has cause quite a stir worldwide.  Check out the movie trailer below.  See what made Howard Stern recently say, "this could be the funniest movie ever made", while Rosanne Barr states (about the film's star Sacha Baron Cohen), "he's a comic genius".

You be the judge, Brigitewear and is proud to have been a small part. The Borat thong swimsuit - the least we could do!

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Borat - a funny movie and a funny, fun and sexy thong swimsuit.

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